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Supplied works

PC140335 PC140335

Machining of a bridge crane

Overall dimensions of the beams 17.000 x 3.430 x 2.450

Weight 28 ton

PC140335 PC140335

Collector for the hydropower sector

Overall dimensions 6.000 x 3.600 x 2.500

Weight 4,5 ton

PC140335 PC140335


Overall dimensions 3.000 x 1.100 x 1.800

Weight 9 ton

Housing riduttore

Gearbox Housing

Overall dimensions 3.250 x 3.250 x 2.240

Weight 21 ton

PC140335 PC140335

Steel industry frame.

Overall dimensions 5.200 x 3.450 x 1.100

Weight 6 ton


Automations industry frame.

Overall dimensions 2300 x 2300 x 4100

Struttura_Sorter1 Struttura_Sorter2

Supply of welded structures, processed and painted for production plants of photovoltaic cells.

Such structures are principally used within clean rooms and are made with utmost accuracy in every single detail.

Montaggio prima della finitura con chiave dinamometrica Calibro di controllo

Supply of a counter check gauge, dim. 4700x2200, 100 mm thickness, 6,500 kgweight.

The gauge was made out of S355, equipped with a series of tempered and ground plates out of 42NiCrMo4.

Supply specifications showed a tolerance of +0 / -0.035 mm as for thickness and a 0.2/1000 planarity standard.

After construction, the testing gave a result of +0 / -.025 mm as for thickness and a 0.02/1000 planarity data.


Carpentry work in INOX AISI 316L

A spoked surface has been machined by means of a series of facings


IMG_2641 IMG_2695

Bridge hinges on Highway A4


Steel industry platform

Overall dimensions: 3415 x 2214 x 6585

Weight 12,5 ton




Lavorazione di lamiere in INOX per la copertura in un grattacielo a Manhattan - NY
riduttore lavorazione_riduttore

Lavorazione corpo riduttore

Dimensioni di base 2775x1400


basamento settore siderurgico basamento_siderurgico_2

Basamento per settore siderurgico

Dimensioni 2420x1810x5800